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infographicOur unique global banking network

IBOS is an international network which provides local banking services across the globe, through our unique network of many of the biggest banks in the world.

Today’s global business needs truly global banking. The IBOS international network provides market-leading, comprehensive banking services in your international markets.

IBOS International Banking Network from IBOS Banking on Vimeo.


SEPA Information Exchange

The European Parliament has passed a Regulation requiring the completion of the Single Euro Payments Area by February 2014. The migration plans have now to be well underway: there is no Plan B, according to the European Payments Council.

coverIn June 2013, the IBOS Banks finished collecting the next level of information about the migration to SEPA in IBOS’ Euro Countries, including usage of Transitional Provisions, Additional Optional Services, and other complications for the migration and this information is available here.