07, 01, 2019

President and CEO of IBOS member Royal Bank of Canada to speak at RBC Capital Markets 2019 Canadian Bank CEO Conference

 Dave McKay, president and chief executive officer of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), an IBOS member bank, is scheduled to speak at the RBC Capital Markets Canadian Bank CEO Conference […]

04, 01, 2019

IBOS member KBC announces savings volume increases to 41.95 billion euros

IBOS member KBC has announced that its savings volume has increased further to 41.95 billion euros. KBC/CBC’s regulated savings account remained popular in 2018, and savings at both KBC and […]

27, 12, 2018

Santander Group acquires bookkeeping fintech Albert to support UK small business owners

IBOS member Santander Group has announced the acquisition of Albert, which will allow the Group to further support UK small business owners in managing and growing their businesses through a […]

17, 12, 2018

IBOS member bank Nordea is launching a new Open Banking solution beyond PSD2

IBOS member bank Nordea has announced that the Bank is launching Instant Reporting, a new Open Banking solution that enables corporate customers to access their own accounts and integrate real-time data […]

29, 11, 2018

RBC, an IBOS member bank, reports its Q4 2018 financial earnings results

IBOS member bank Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has reported a record net income of $12,431 million for the year ended 31 October 2018, up $962 million (8%) from the […]

20, 11, 2018

IBOS member KBC Group announces Q3 2018 result of 701 million euros

IBOS member KBC Group has announced a net profit of 701 million euros in the third quarter of 2018. Net interest income amounted to 1 136 million euros in the […]

08, 11, 2018

IBOS member RBS co-develops new guidelines to boost engagement between FinTech and financial institutions

IBOS member Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) co-develops new government-backed guidelines, which is the first of its kind in the UK, to accelerate engagement between FinTech and financial institutions. The […]

08, 11, 2018

IBOS member Banco Santander announces a 13% increase in its attributable profit

IBOS member Banco Santander has announced its attributable profit for the first nine months of 2018, which reached 5,742 million euros – an increase of 13%. Banco Santander increased attributable […]

24, 10, 2018

IBOS member Nordea reports its third quarter 2018 financial earnings

Nordea’s Q3 2018 financial earnings is highlighted as a “historic quarter” for the Bank, as Nordea finalised its re-domiciliation into the Banking Union and Finland. Net interest income in local currencies […]

17, 10, 2018

IBOS member US Bank reports record net revenue and net income in its Q3 2018 financial results

US Bancorp, the parent company of IBOS member US Bank, today reported a record net revenue of $5,699m, a record net income of $1,815m and a record diluted earnings per […]