26, 10, 2012

InterContinental Finance Magazine, October 2012 – ‘How do we sort out the Euro and will the ESM make a difference?’

The German constitutional court has agreed that there is no legal barrier to the establishment of the ESM, as long as Germany’s obligations do not exceed EUR190 billion. This has […]

05, 10, 2012

Economia Magazine, October 2012 – ‘Future of the Euro’

The continued uncertainty over the future of the euro is doing little to enhance the prospects of any kind of economic recovery in Europe. The single currency threatens to take […]

08, 08, 2012

Cititrust EDGE Magazine, Q3, 2012 – “Euro crisis is the Paris Club all over again”

The Eurozone crisis is unresolved and the purpose of loans into the big Debtor nations was in large part to buy goods from big Creditor nations. Greece has, for example, […]

31, 07, 2012

Global Banking & Finance Review, July 2012 – “European Investment Bank – the EU’s Northern Rock”

At the Brussels EU summit at the end of June David Cameron agreed to President Hollande’s €130bn “growth” plan for the EU (this, in reality, is a “spending” plan). The […]

16, 07, 2012

Thomson Reuters Buyouts Magazine, July 2012 – “Need to Meet – Bob Lyddon, Managing Director, IBOS Banking Association”

By Steve Bills Bob Lyddon is concerned about what the latest financial scandal will do to global liquidity and the flow of capital. In fact, he said, the squeeze may […]

09, 07, 2012

The Asian Banker, July 2012 – “Basel III to have negative impact on corporates relying on bank funding in terms of heightened costs”

Bob Lyddon, managing director of the IBOS Association, observes that the Basel III capital adequacy rules will greatly impact corporates looking for bank funding or trade finance, and that it […]

27, 06, 2012

Global Banking & Finance Review, June 2012 – “Banking Reform – no confidence in the ship’s charts, nor in the officers at the helm”

While the HM Treasury White Paper on Banking Reform has softened the blow on the UK’s banks in some respects, it still bases itself on a misleading narrative of the […]

20, 06, 2012

FT Adviser, June 2012 – “Ring-fence proposals outlined by Treasury”

The Treasury has set out plans on how ring-fenced retail banks will operate in its latest follow-up to the Vickers’ Independent Commission on Banking. The 86-page White Paper, Banking Reform: […]

20, 06, 2012

GT News, June 2012 – “How Will Basel III Impact on Corporates That Rely on Bank Funding?”

The impending Basel II capital adequacy rules will have profound impacts for corporates looking for bank funding or trade finance, so it’s best to start preparing for these new rules […]

15, 05, 2012

New Statesman, May 2012 – “The UK’s potential debt to European financial institutions is £119bn”

A new report from the Bruges Group shows that the UK’s maximum possible loss is €149.2bn. The EU commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, Olli Rehn (R), with Werner Hoyer […]