01, 05, 2013

Global Treasury Briefing, April 2013 – “Twilight for the Libor Era”

Twilight for the Libor Era” A recent overhaul of the Libor regime may prevent further rate rigging scandals, but Libor itself is diminishing in relevance for the financial markets. Treasurers need […]

09, 04, 2013

International press coverage for Bob Lyddon at IBOS

Bob Lyddon’s comments on the Cyprus capital controls were recently published internationally in The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, South China Morning Post, Reuters, Business Standard (India), Irish Independent, CNBC, The Toronto […]

27, 03, 2013

gtnews, March 2013 – “Basel III: BIS Moves the Liquidity Goalposts”

The Basel III capital adequacy regime is starting to unravel in terms of timing, if not yet in terms of substance, after the implementation delay announced at the turn of […]

25, 03, 2013

Finance Monthly, February 2013 – “In or out? The Impact of the Proposed UK-EU Membership Referendum on the UK & EU Economies Between Now & 2017”

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron has declared that the British people must have their say on the country’s place in the EU and has pledged an in/out referendum if the […]

25, 02, 2013

Offshore Investment, February 2013 – “Basel III – BIS moves the liquidity goalposts”

Like the British Citizen Army on the Somme – two years in the making, one day in the destroying – Basel III is starting to unravel. After four years in […]

13, 02, 2013

IBOS Summer School 2013 – Registration now open!

The fifth year of the highly-recommended IBOS Summer School on International Cash Management and Treasury Management Services and Systems will take place from 8th– 13th September 2013 at Fitzwilliam College, […]

17, 01, 2013

Offshore Investment, January 2013 – “Politicians with their heads in the clouds”

The recent outrage directed at companies like Amazon, Google and Starbucks is perplexing not because these companies are “exploiting” (i.e. using) the legal and tax framework of the European Union […]

17, 01, 2013

Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems, January 2013 – “Correspondent banking business model: Challenges to reciprocity”

Bob Lyddon,IBOS Association Limited Abstract The paper investigates the interconnection of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) with ISO 20022, and the objective of migrating the payments market off SWIFT […]

12, 12, 2012

Global Banking & Finance Review, December 2012 – ‘Eurozone Crisis’

Eurozone crisis – ratings downgrade of key players in the bailout and rising dangers for the UK. Moody’s downgraded the ESM (European Stability Mechanism) and the EFSF (European Financial Stability […]

11, 12, 2012

Cititrust EDGE Magazine, Q4, 2012 – “How do we sort out the Euro and will the ESM make a difference?”

The German constitutional court has agreed that there is no legal barrier to the establishment of the ESM, as long as Germany’s obligations do not exceed EUR190 billion. This has […]