04, 10, 2011

Financial i Magazine, Q3, 2011 – ‘Miele selects IBOS’

Norbert Huhn, head of accounting, Miele explains why UniCredit, which is part of IBOS, was selected by his organization. With a multitude of cross-border benefits, a strong local presence and […]

19, 09, 2011

Daily News at Sibos, September 2011 – “Euro zone crisis threatens SEPA”

The euro zone crisis threatens to derail the single euro payments area (Sepa), according to a new research paper. Challenging those who separate the crisis from Sepa preparations, The Eurozone, […]

05, 09, 2011

Finance Monthly, September 2011 – ‘The banking system – can there ever be real reform?’

Yes there can, by the reimposition of the correlation between credentials, rewards and risks. It requires a decapitation of the upper levels of banks where the individuals are themselves rooted […]

25, 07, 2011

Future Banking, July 2011 – “The Chancellor’s new deal”

Late in 2010 an ‘alteration to the Euro rules’ was announced around how a default by a euro sovereign would be handled. The ‘new deal’, brokered by Chancellor Merkel, envisaged […]

04, 06, 2011

Airport World, June 2011 – Bank on funding

What banking arrangements will best serve an airport operator’s international expansion plans? IBOS Banking Association’s Bob Lyddon provides some tips. A recent raft of banking regulatory changes has altered the […]

01, 06, 2011

Offshore Investment, June 2011 – ‘The growing pitfalls of remote account opening’

Corporate customers are globalising, whilst centralising financial management. That includes opening and operating bank accounts remotely, without travelling to the many countries concerned. Ideally the process for overseas corporate account […]

31, 05, 2011

GT News, May 2011 – “The Growing Pitfalls of Remote Account Opening”

This article examines the potential difficulties of opening and operating bank accounts remotely in light of the new customer identification and money-laundering regulations. Corporate customers are globalising, while centralising financial […]

16, 03, 2011

Real Deals, March 2011 – “Coming to an arrangement”

As regulators attack the banks from all angles, new solutions will have to be found for international corporates investing in new markets. It is essential in the case of any […]

20, 01, 2011

Financial i, February 2011 – “Regulation is threatening the overseas offices of international banks”

Bob Lyddon, managing director of the IBOS Association, says regulation is threatening the overseas offices of international banks. He says corporates will need to build relationships with indigenous banks. The […]

09, 12, 2010

Real Deals, December 2010 – “New deal, old news”

A recent ‘alteration to the Euro rules’ brokered by Chancellor Merkel, aims to regulate the default of a eurozone sovereign and ensure that holders of sovereign debt bonds will experience […]