31, 05, 2011

GT News, May 2011 – “The Growing Pitfalls of Remote Account Opening”

This article examines the potential difficulties of opening and operating bank accounts remotely in light of the new customer identification and money-laundering regulations. Corporate customers are globalising, while centralising financial […]

16, 03, 2011

Real Deals, March 2011 – “Coming to an arrangement”

As regulators attack the banks from all angles, new solutions will have to be found for international corporates investing in new markets. It is essential in the case of any […]

20, 01, 2011

Financial i, February 2011 – “Regulation is threatening the overseas offices of international banks”

Bob Lyddon, managing director of the IBOS Association, says regulation is threatening the overseas offices of international banks. He says corporates will need to build relationships with indigenous banks. The […]

09, 12, 2010

Real Deals, December 2010 – “New deal, old news”

A recent ‘alteration to the Euro rules’ brokered by Chancellor Merkel, aims to regulate the default of a eurozone sovereign and ensure that holders of sovereign debt bonds will experience […]

18, 11, 2010

FT Adviser, November 2011 – “Take it to the bank”

The euro is used by many European countries but each nation still has its own liabilities for the currency A recent alteration to the Euro rules brokered by German chancellor […]

15, 11, 2010

Financial News, November 2010 – “Merkel highlights fault lines in the euro”

German chancellor Angela Merkel has said she aims to ensure that holders of sovereign debt bonds will experience a partial loss of principal if there is a bailout of a […]

01, 10, 2010

Offshore Investment, October 2010 – “Over-regulation of the banking sector will choke off the recovery”

Official responses to the crisis in global banking point to more focussed and localised banks, pursuing a narrower range of activities, at a time when corporates are cash-rich and looking […]

22, 09, 2010

Fund Strategy, November 2010 – “Single currency, many differences”

Unlike sterling, which is backed by Britain’s bullion and currency reserves and tax receipts, the political risk around the euro is a Venn diagram of European central banks and nation […]

08, 09, 2010

The Treasurer, September 2010 – “Ask the Experts: Smaller can be better”

With greater regulation in Europe following the credit crunch, how will corporate treasurers secure the global services they require from their banking partners? Tim Allison, Group Treasurer, Logica: We have […]

01, 09, 2010

Business Money, September 2010 – ” Basell III – Raising banks’ Tier 1 capital hurdle to 7% does not give stablilty assurance as their capital adequacy computations are self-certified”

Global regulators have today agreed a new deal to impose a 7% Tier 1 capital hurdle for banks to reach by 2019. This is aimed at increasing bank stability and […]